Scientist Sign On

Fellow scientists, we face an important opportunity.

Last year, Governor Brown assembled a team of California biodiversity experts to draft a charter on native plant biodiversity conservation. Our "Charter to Secure the Future of California's Native Biodiversity" defined a vision and guided development of California's Biodiversity Initiative Roadmap, unveiled in September along with important executive orders on biodiversity.

Now, we all have the opportunity to sign on to the Charter. By adding our names to this landmark document, we show that California's scientists come together in agreement of need to act now on behalf of our remarkable biodiversity! The list of signatory scientists will be made public and provide support to our new Governor Gavin Newsom as he moves forward with the ambitious steps laid out in the Roadmap.

We are already seeing incredible successes from this initiative, including $2.5M to Fish and Wildlife, $4.2M requested by Food and Agriculture, and a new State Biodiversity Coordinator position. This is wonderful, but it's just the beginning. Much more is needed.

Next, California scientists will identify the specific actions we will take to save our species and ecosystems. It is an exciting time, and we have an incredible opportunity. Let's make the most of it. Please sign the Charter and receive important updates.

Join the Scientist Sign On


Theo Fitanides (Regional Parks Botanic Garden)
Peter Raven (Missouri Botanical Garden)
Eric Wrubel (National Park Service)
Raphaela Floreani Buzbee (California Native Plant Society)
Leah Gardner (CA State Parks)
Jonathan Lee (Caltrans)
Tanya Chapple (Mid Klamath Watershed Council)
Christian Hatton (Mid Klamath Watershed Council)
Bethany Beyer (CDFW Native Plant Program)
Matt Ritter (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo)
Daniel Gluesenkamp (California Native Plant Society)
Nishanta Rajakaruna (California polytechnic state university )
Dena Grossenbacher (Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo)
Nita Barve (Department of Parks & Recreation)
Julie Evens (California Native Plant Society)
Dean Davis (Mid Klamath Watershed Council
US Forest Service (ret))
Nicole Jurjavcic (Stillwater Sciences)
Bruce Baldwin (UC Berkeley)
Brett Hall (UC Santa Cruz Arboretum)
Mary Burke (UC Davis Arboretum & Public Garden)
John Clark (Center for Plant Conservation)
Aaron Sims (CNPS)
Denise Knapp (Santa Barbara Botanic Garden)
Daniel Potter (UC Davis)
Robert Patterson (San Francisco State University)
Rikke Reese Naesborg (Santa Barbara Botanic Garden)
Alan Smith (University Herbarium, UC Berkeley)
Katherine Waselkov (California State University, Fresno)
Thomas Carlson (UC Berkeley)
John Taylor (University of California)
Justen Whittall (Santa Clara University)
Andrew Doran (UC Berkeley)
John Stebbins (Botanical Consultant)
Roxy Cruz (UC Berkeley)
Kevin Simonin (San Francisco State University)
Janell Hillman (Phytophthoras In Native Habitats Work Group)
Jutta Burger (California Invasive Plant Council)
Heath Bartosh (UC Berkeley)
Carl Rothfels (UC Berkeley)
Jenna Ekwealor (UC Berkeley)
Susan Harrison (Professor, UC Davis)
Marcel Holyoak (UC Davis)
Elsa Cleland (UC San Diego)
Kathy Ann Miller (University Herbarium, UC Berkeley)
Shelby Rinehart (UC Davis Alumni)
Emily Brodie (UC Davis Graduate Group in Ecology)
Mollie Ogaz (UC Davis)
Marina LaForgia (UC Davis)
Paul Fine (UC Berkeley)
Loralee Larios (UC Riverside)
Douglas Kelt (UC Davis)
Kyle Christie (UC Davis)
Autumn Iverson (UC Davis)
Peter Wainwright (UC Davis)
Ingrid Parker (UC Santa Cruz)
Anne Todgham (UC Davis)
Eric Post (UC Davis)
Matthew Osmond (UC Davis)
Wendy McBride (McBride BioTracking)
Jim Richards (UC Davis)
Krisa Fredrickson (California Academy of Sciences)
Marko Spasojevic (UC Riverside)
Martha Wohlfeil (UC Davis)
Megan Morris (Stanford University)
Andrew Latimer (UC Davis)
Sharon Strauss (UC Davis)
Mary Cadenasso (UC Davis)
Lauren Ponisio (UC Riverside )
Richard Kim (UC Davis)
Nick Jensen (California Native Plant Society)
James Andre (UC Riverside)
Teresa Sholars (Professor Emeritus College of the Redwoods)
Peter Moyle (UC Davis)
Charles Omura (UC Davis)
Alexander Harcourt (University of California)
Rob Straser (UC Riverside)
Pernille Sporon Boving (UC Davis Dept. of Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology)
Tedmund Swiecki (Phytosphere Research)
Priya Shukla (UC Davis)
Louie Yang (UC Davis)
Paul Gepts (UC Davis)
Elise Elwood (UC Davis)
Carla Dantonio (University of California)
Sarah Woodard (UC Riverside)
Madeline Gottlieb (UC Davis)
James Shevock (California Academy of Sciences)
Loraine Washburn (Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden)
Stacy Anderson (San Diego Zoo Global)
Megan Keever (Botanist, Stillwater Sciences)
Tom Daniel (California Academy of Sciences)
Tony Gurnoe (San Diego Botanic Garden)
Maxwell Odland (UC Davis)
Nathan Kraft (UC Los Angeles)
Joy England (Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden)
Joshua Der (California State Univ. Fullerton)
Emilio Laca (UC Davis)
Nancy Morin (Flora of North America Association)
Margriet Wetherwax (University and Jepson Herbaria, UC Berkeley)
Diana Cosand (Chaffey College)
Caroline Larsen (UC Davis)
Bo Zhang (UC Davis)
David Rizzo (UC Davis)
Darrel Jenerette (UC Riverside)
Aaron Haiman (Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Conservancy) Xiaoli Dong (UC Davis)
Susan Ustin (UC Davis)
Nina Fontana (UC Davis)
Melanie Truan (UC Davis)
John Game (UC Herbarium, Berkeley)
Grace Ha (UC Davis)
Sula Vanderplank (San Diego Zoo Global)
Amy Litt (UC Riverside)
Beth Burnside (UC Berkeley)
Nicole Rafferty (UC Riverside)
Carole Hom (University of California)
Sadie Trombley (UC Davis)
Thomas Huggins ()
Kevin Rice (UC Davis)
Robin Carter-Ervin (Department of Water Resources)
Maya deVries (UC Davis)
Jonathan Eisen (UC Davis)
Sarah Gaffney (UC Davis)
Julie Nelson (Northern California Botanists)
Stephanie Calloway (Santa Barbara Botanic Garden)
Ernst Bertone Oehninger (UC Davis)
Susan Fawcett (Pringle Herbarium, University of Vermont)
Nicole Soltis (UC Davis)
Gail Kobetich (retired US Fish and Wildlife Service)
Roxanne Bittman (California Natural Diversity Database, CDFW)
Andrea Williams (Marin Municipal Water District)
Leif Richardson (University of Vermont)
Marie Jasieniuk (UC Davis)
Heather Schneider (Santa Barbara Botanic Garden)
Paul Stapp (California State University Fullerton)
John Durand (UC Davis)
Jason Nelson (Santa Barbara Botanic Garden)
Victoria Dye (self)
David Kershaw (Santa Barbara Botanic Garden)
Monty Knudsen (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
Margaret Tieger (Audubon)
Mohsen Mesgaran (UC Davis)
Holly Forbes (UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley)
Heather Federlein (Santa Barbara Botanic Garden)
Caitlin Peterson (UC Davis)
Chris Baysdorfer (California State University, East Bay)
Cindy Looy (UC Berkeley)
Matt Guilliams (Santa Barbara Botanic Garden)
Carolyn Mills (Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden)
Jenn Yost (Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo)
Alexander Jones (UC Santa Cruz Natural Reserves)
Karen Holl (UC Santa Cruz)
John Stachowicz (UC Davis)
Eliza Djepard (CNPS)
Adina Merenlender (UC Berkeley)
Wayne White (Pacific Whale Foundation)
Patrick Wiley (Santa Barbara Botanic Garden)
Dean Hendrickson (University of Texas at Austin)
LD Anderson (UC Santa Cruz Arboretum and Botanic Garden)
Shih-Yi Hsiung (UC Berkeley)
Benjamin Carter (San Jose State University)
Andrea Broad (UC Davis)
Leila Harris (UC Davis)
Clark Richter (UC Davis)
Jose Panero (University of Texas)
Peggy Fiedler (UC Natural Reserve System)
James Thorne (UC Davis)
Ellen Simms (UC Berkeley)
Maureen Page (UC Davis, Department of Entomology and Nematology)
Julea Shaw (UC Davis)
Rachel Wigginton (UC Davis)
Barbara Castro (CA. Dept of Water Resources and Vernal Pool Recovery Plan Implementation Working Group of Butte, Glenn, Tehama and Shasta Counties)
Lewis Barnett (University of Washington)
Joanna Solins (UC Davis)
Johanna Schmitt (UC Davis)
Allan Hollander (UC Davis)
P. Schaefer (Santa Barbara Botanic Garden)
John Mola (UC Davis)
Naomi Fraga (Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden)
Elizabeth Collins (Santa Barbara Botanic Garden)
Bridget Wessa (UC Berkeley)
Dick Cameron (The Nature Conservancy)
Staci Markos (UC Berkeley)
Sasha Gennet (The Nature Conservancy)

Joanna Tang (UCSB)
Rodd Kelsey (The Nature Conservancy)
Matthew McKown (Conservation Metrics, Inc.)
Kelly Zilliacus (UC Santa Cruz)
Kylie Weeks (UCSC)
Shih-Yi Hsiung (UC Berkeley)
Hann Osborne (UCSC)
Francisco B. Navarro (IFAPA (SPAIN))
Stephanie Ranes (Santa Barbara Botanic Garden)
Anthony Barnosky (Stanford University)
Eva Kuo (UC Davis)
Shannon Skalos (UC Davis)
Allyson Greenlon (UC Berkeley)
Steve Spangle (USFWS-retired)
Jennifer VanWyk (UC Davis)
Jason Sadowski (UC Davis)
Andrea Schreier (UC Davis)
Erin Questad (Cal Poly Pomona)
Patrick Huber (UC Davis)
Dakota Chavis (UC Davis)
Kelly Chauvin (Stanford University)
Jonathan Payne (Stanford University)
Kelley Langhans (Stanford University)
Carol Reeb (Hopkins Marine Station, Stanford University)
Rodolfo Dirzo (Stanford University)
Nikki Nicola (UC Davis)
Tyler McFadden (Stanford University)
Gretchen Le Buhn (San Francisco State University)
Vance Vredenburg (San Francisco State University)
Frank Bayliss (San Francisco State University)
Stephen Nicola (California Department of Fish and Wildlife (Ret.))
Katharyn Boyer (Estuary & Ocean Science Center, San Francisco State University)
Harold Mooney (Stanford University)
Sergio Redondo (Stanford University)
Wendy Thompson (CNPS)
Jane Packard (Texas A&M University)
Ted K. Raab (Carnegie Institution for Science)
Elizabeth Hadly (Stanford University)
Kate Lagerstrom (Stanford University)
Katherine Preston (Stanford University)
Jennifer Carah (The Nature Conservancy)
Megumi Fuse (San Francisco State University)
Sandra Schachat (Stanford University)
David Harlow (US Fish and Wildlife Service, retired)
Lupita Ruiz-Jones (Stanford)
Karina Nielsen (San Francisco State University)
Lawrence Ford (LD Ford, Consultant in Rangeland Conservation Science)
Leslie Saul-Gershenz (University of California, Davis)
Gretchen Daily (Stanford University)
Erin Satterthwaite (California Sea Grant & NOAA)
Wim Kimmerer (San Francisco State University)
Christopher Anderson (Stanford University)
Anne Ehrlich (Stanford (emerita))
Benjamin Blackman (University of California, Berkeley)
Carmen Domingo (San Francisco State University)
T E Angela Quiros (Hokkaido University)
Janet Franklin (University of California Riverside)
Ken Zillig (UC Davis)
IdaRose Sylvester (Carbon Free Mountain View)
Duncan Bell (Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden)
Susan D'Alcamo
Noel Heim (Stanford University)
Megan Keefe (Santa Barbara Botanic Garden)
Emily Burns (Save the Redwoods League)
Dennis Desjardin (San Francisco State University)
Jennifer Buck-Diaz (California Native Plant Society)
David Magney (California Native Plant Society)
Chadwick McCready (US Air Force)
Lusetta Sims (USDA Forest Service)
Avery Hill (Stanford University)
Joe Cutler (UCSC)
Tom Parker (San Francisco State University)
Erik Grijalva (University of California - Davis)
John McRae (Six Rivers National Forest)
Belinda Lo (U.S. Forest Service)
Danielle Pena (AECOM)
Jack Dangermond (Esri)
Brian Smithers (UC Davis/Montana State University)
Jim Salyards (Filoli Center)
Meagan Oldfather (CU Boulder)
Linnea Hanson (Northern California Botanists, President )
Bernie Tershy (Freshwater Life; Conservation Metrics; UC, Santa Cruz)
Ramzi Ibrahim (State Water Resources Control Board)
Sara Nichols (UC Davis John Muir Institute of the Environment)
Stephen Richards (UC Davis, Baylor College of Medicine, Earth BioGenome Project )
Ruth Timme (US Food and Drug Administration)
Sheryl Creer (Environmental Consultant)
Daniel Pritchett (University of California (retired))
Dieter Wilken (Santa Barbara Botanic Garden)
Rachel Pound (Personal)
Jackson Stuart (University of California, Davis)
Jason Cantley (San Francisco State University )
Lisa Offringa (American Herbal Pharmacopoeia)
Felipe Zapata (UC Los Angeles)
Debra Trock (California Academy of Sciences)
Monica Parisi (UC Davis)
Steven Greco (University of California at Davis)
Sonia Nosratinia (University of California at Berkeley)
Sterling Keeley (University of Hawaii, Manoa)
Meg Lowman (California Academy of Sciences)
Michael Golden (Grossmont College)
Rachael Olliff Yang (UC Berkeley)
William Jones (City of Los Angeles)
Alf Fengler (Friends of Edgewood)
Leanne Feely (San Francisco State University )
Mark Bibbo (H.T. Harvey and Associates)
Travis Longcore (University of Southern California)
Clare Loughran (UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley)
Winslow Briggs (Carnegie Institution for Science, Department of Plant Biology)
Roberta Millstein (UC Davis)
Joyce Maschinski (Center for Plant Conservation)
Hester Bell (Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden)
Abby Meyer (Botanic Gardens Conservation International, U.S.)
Adam Davis (San Francisco State University)
Raquel Folgado (The Huntington)
Mia Ingolia (n/a)
Scott Simono (SFPUC)
Ivan Anastassov (San Francisco State University)
Virginia Meyer (Sacramento Community College)
Jonathan Robbins (UCSC Arboretum)
Maria Jesus (RSABG)
Madeleine van der Heyden (SFPUC)
Caroline Daws (Stanford University)
Greg Suba (California Native Plant Society)
Ann Filmer (UC Davis)
Brittany Burgard (Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden)
Eric Berlow (Vibrant Data Labs)
Brett Hall (UCSC Arboretum and Botanic Garden)
Tom Carlberg (California Lichen Society)
Christina Toms (SF Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board)
Vince Scheidt (Mitigation Credit Services, LLC)
Cristian Sarabia (Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy)
Kendra Sikes (California Native Plant Society)
Erin Lonergan (USDA, Forest Service)
Gabrielle Bohlman (USDA Forest Service)
Conor Higgins (UC Davis)
Jared Lewis (ATS)
Ellen Pimentel (H. T. Harvey & Associates)
Shannon Still (UC Davis Arboretum & Public Garden)
Julene Johnson (California Lichen Society)
Mary Power (University of California Berkeley)
Cindy Looy (University of California, Berkeley)
John Harte (UC Berkeley)
Lisa Hunt (UC Berkeley)
Wayne Sousa (University of California, Berkeley)
Ian McFadden (UCLA)
Allison Kidder (Point Reyes Field Station/UC Berkeley)
Todd Dawson (University of California)
Robin Lopez (UC Berkeley; Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)
Bruce Orr (Stillwater Sciences)
Suzanne Pierre (UC Berkeley)
Ross Vander Vorste (University of California Berkeley)
Thomas C. Smith (UC Santa Barbara, Earth Research Institute)
Lucy Andrews (University of California Berkeley - Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management)
Mariel Nelson (University of California, Berkeley)
Nicholas Spano (University of California, Berkeley)
Ellen Simms (University of California, Berkeley)
Colleen Culver Jaffe (California Native Plant Society)
Sarah Kupferberg (Independent Scholar)
Kristie Scarazzo (CNPS)
Stephen Rae (UC Davis, research associate; CDFG-CDFW (retired))
Caroline Williams (University of California, Berkeley)
Glen Holstein (California Native Plant Society)
Richard Spjut (CNPS)
Wynne Wilson (terra design)
Karen Rabwin (Self)
Jennifer Adams (Friends of Mt Washington Elementary - Garden School)
Stephanie Schus
Martin Blythe (UC Master Gardener)
Joy Tucker (Los Angeles County Master Gardeners)
Donna Murray (Ballona Wetlands Land Trust)
Ron Vanderhoff (CA Native Plants Society, CA Invasive Plant Council, Calflora)
Donald Downs (California Native Plant Society)
Ileene Anderson (Center for Biological Diversity)
Florence Nishida
Stephen Ingram (CNPS)

Andrea Davis (CNPS)
David Seaborg (World Rainforest Fund)
Theresa Lownds (Climate Reality)
Nadine Cano (Los Angeles Master Gardeners)
Michele Driggs (CNPS)
Jodi McGraw (Jodi McGraw Consulting)
Ademola Onaolapo (
Jean Woo (Custom Power Solar)
Gregory Wahlert (UC Santa Barbara)
Adrienne Kovasi (US Forest Service)
Robert Linder (University of California, Irvine)
Jane Adrian (City of Los Angeles Public Works Bureau of Engineering)
Lila Higgins (Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County/La Brea Tar Pits Museum)
Ken Moore (Wildlands Restoration Team)
Elizabeth Braker (Occidental College)
Thea Chesney (US Forest Service)
Jason Sexton (University of California, Merced)
Carol Bornstein (Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County)
Elizabeth Ellwood (Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County)
Christian Schwarz (Norris Center for Natural History)
Rosalind Helfand (Light Bringer Project)
Katie Gallagher (California Native Plant Society)
Misha Body (California Science Center)
Susan Schenk ((Retired))
Sabrina Drill (UC Agriculture and Natural Resources )
Aisling Farrell (Natural History Museum/La Brea Tar Pits)
Galea Albano (KRA)
Joyce Maschinski (Center for Plant Conservation)
Kristal Watrous (UC Riverside)
Shruti Khanna (California Department of Fish and Wildlife)
Paul Gepts (University of California, Davis)
Melissa Cronin (UCSC)
Janice Edgerly-Rooks (Santa Clara University)
Roberta Stephenson (California Native Plant Society)
JayLee Tuil (UC Davis)
Virginia Matzek (Santa Clara University)
Lucie Gimmel (Santa Barbara Botanic Garden)
Dena Spatz (Pacific Rim Conservation)
Lynn Sweet (University of California, Riverside)
Ilana Stein (UC Berkeley)
Leslie Saul-Gershenz (UC Davis)
Allison Alberts (San Diego Zoo Global)
Tanner Harris (WRA, Inc.)
Laura Burrus (San Francisco State University)
Greg Spicer (San Francisco State University)
Mary Ellen Hannibal (author)
Wilfred Denetclaw (San Francisco State University)
Damon Tighe (California Center for Natural History)
Lizette Guzman-Zaragoza (Alpine Roads- Scientist)
Merav Vonshak (Self employed )
Carol Witham (Environmental Consultant)
Tito Abbo (San Francisco State)
Karen Hildebrand (California Native Plant Society)
Jim Bartel (San Diego Botanic Garden)
Sarah Allen (Federal environmental agency)
Geraldine Hulse-Stephens (Geri Hulse-Stephens Botanical Consulting)
Myriam Serrano (San Francisco State University)
Charlotte Jennings (Museum of Vertebrate Zoology)
Gage Dayton (UC Santa Cruz)
Thomas Rosatti (University and Jepson Herbaria, UC Berkeley)
Karen Crow (San Francisco State University)
Rebecca Johnson (California Academy of Sciences)
Erin McCreless (Oregon State University)
Bill Henry (Groundswell Coastal Ecology)
John Chapman (Santa Clara Valley Water District)
Jennifer Mo (Santa Clara Valley Water District)
Christine Sullivan (National Park Service)
Sarah Ratay (TNC)
Kristina Schierenbeck (CSU Chico)
Cynthia Griffin (UCCE Master Gardener)
Rose Ramirez
Pamela Ward (CDFW)
Ingrid Jordon-Thaden (University of Wisconsin- Madison )
Dylan Neubauer (self)
Maria Friedman (College of the Redwoods)
Aghaghia Rahimzade
Karen Sullivan (CNPS)
Simone Groves (Humboldt State)
Kristina Schierenbeck (CSU Chico)
James Wanket (California State University, Sacramento)
Brenna Fowler (National Tropical Botanical Garden, Kaua'i)
Bill Waycott (Nipomo Native Seeds, LLC)
David Keil (Robert F. Hoover Herbarium, Biological Sciences Department, California Polytechnic State University)
Amy Rogers (UCLA Center for Tropical Research)
Martin Purdy (Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden)
Steve Windhager (Santa Barbara Botanic Garden)
Suzanne Whelan (Marin Municipal Water District)
Robert Mazalewski (AAAS, ASHS, SERCAL)
Cody Ender (Point Reyes National Seashore Association)
Paul Siri Wilson (CSU Northridge)
Ann Dorsey
Danielle Amoroso (California State University, Northridge)
Edward Connor (San Francisco State University)
Jolene Mason (Environmental Consultant)
Joann Phan (University of California at Irvine)
Maddie Halloran (Humboldt State University)
Steve Buckley (National Park Service, Lassen Volcanic NP)
Ian MacLeod (California Department of Conservation)
Rebecca Crowe (University of California, Irvine)
Jeannie Chari (College of the Canyons)
Patrick McIntyre (NatureServe)
Dena Grossenbacher (California Polytechnic State University)
Peter Breslin (Arizona State University)
David Keil (California Polytechnic State University)
Reed Kenny the Botanist (California Polytechnic State University)
Alex Pena (California Polytechnic State University)
Dena Paolilli (California Polytechnic State University)
Arlene Hopkins (Arlene Hopkins & Associates)
Summer Adleberg (San Diego County Water Authority)
Frank Severson (CalRecycle)
Michael Simpson (San Diego State University)Michael Simpson (San Diego State University)
J. Travis Columbus (Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden)
Hanna Mesraty (California Lichen Society, La Brea Tar Pits / Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County)
Eric Peterson (California Academy of Sciences)
Scott Flint (California Energy Commission)
Hailey Laskey (University of California, Irvine)
Coty Sifuentes-Winter (Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District)
George Stewart (San Diego End Extinction)
Katherine Schroeder (Merced College Los Banos)
Kim Tenggardjaja (UCSC)
Steve Schoenig (CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife (retired))
Randall Davis (The ChangeBox Foundation)
Evan Frost (Wildwood Consulting LLC)
Adam Bradley (Boundless Botany)
Emile Fiesler (Bioveyda Biodiversity Inventories & Surveys)
Monica Tydlaska (Catalina Island Conservancy)
Chuck Striplen (North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board)
Amber Partridge (YES Charter Academy)
Junko Hoshi (CA Dept. of Fish & Wildlife)
Michael Wall (San Diego Natural History Museum)
Christina Sloop (CDFW)
Colleen Lenihan (H. T. Harvey & Associates)
Riad Baalbaki (CDFA)
Erika Zavaleta (University of California)
Lucinda McDade (Rancho Santa Botanic Garden)
Scott Weeks (CDFA)
Justin Maciulis (Nevada County Native Plants)
Marcus Tamura (Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy)
Nicole Nedeff (CSUMB, CNPS, Big Sur Land Trust)
Sean Lema (California Polytechnic State University)
Robert Meese (University of California, Davis (retired))
Pamela Zevit (City of Surrey, BC, Canada)
Carla Fresquez (UC Davis)
Thomas Steensland (UC Davis)
Brandon Moores (Santa Cruz County)
Ann Holmes (UC Davis)
Christina Lew (CA State Parks)
Hailee McOmber (San Diego State University Research Foundation)
Jonathan Gelbard (Conservation Value Solutions)
Muhammad Iqbal (CDFA)
Vincent Rogers (Feather River Land Trust)
Krista Hoffmann (CA Department of Fish and Wildlife)
Julie Hausknecht (QK)
Jeb Bishop (Groundswell Coastal Ecology)
David Hutton (Hutton Associates)
Sabrina Drill (UC Ag and Natural Resources)
Stefanie Pruegel (Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour)
Lisa Micheli (Pepperwood)
Kate Scow (UC Davis)
Scott Flint (California Energy Commission)
Moises Exposito-Alonso (Carnegie Institution for Science, Stanford University)
Angela Powell (Fresno American Indian Health Project)
Patricia Lang (Stanford University)
Michael Vasey (San Francisco Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve)
Marena Yarnell (State of California Department of Parks and Recreation)
Hayley Carter (California Ocean Science Trust)