Citizen Sign On

Fellow Californians, we face an important opportunity.

Last year, Governor Brown assembled a team of California biodiversity experts to draft a charter on native plant biodiversity conservation. Our "Charter to Secure the Future of California's Native Biodiversity" defined a vision and guided development of California's Biodiversity Initiative Roadmap, unveiled in September along with important executive orders on biodiversity. Hundreds of scientists have signed on, showing their support for this vision.

Now, we all have the opportunity to sign on to the Charter. By adding our names to this landmark document, we show that Californians come together in agreement of need to act now on behalf of our remarkable biodiversity! The list of signatories will be made public and provide support to our new Governor Gavin Newsom as he moves forward with the ambitious steps laid out in the Roadmap.

We are already seeing incredible successes from this initiative, but it's just the beginning. Much more is needed.

Next, California scientists and concerned citizens will identify the specific actions we will take to save our species and ecosystems. It is an exciting time, and we have an incredible opportunity. Let's make the most of it. Please add your name below sign the Charter and receive important updates.

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